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Disease-specific Information Portal

Targeted therapy has added significant complexity to the business of drug development and the practice of medicine. By focusing on a single therapeutic area, each INFOGENIUS® captures all those details and nuances that could spark the strategic insights that truly make a difference in patient care.

Portable Pathway and Pipeline App

INFOGENIUS® on the go – our Pocket Genius™ app allows you to quickly access key information related to approved and pipeline agents across multiple indications and molecular pathways

Expertly Curated

The value of information is dependent on the quality of the data used to generate the information. At BLU-AMP, all data is validated, prioritized and categorized by real people with a real understanding of the therapeutic area.

Powerful Technology

INFOGENIUS® utilizes Linked-Data technology for multi-dimensional classification of data. Connections between related data points from diverse sources allow you to find the information you need faster. Better yet, it allows you to go deeper and discover valuable information you didn’t even know you needed.